Indiana Baha'i Summer School

Program 2017 – Hope and the Family


Join us as we discuss quotes on hope, stories of Abdu’l-Bahá, and questions about building stronger families and communities. All age groups will study the same material at different levels of depth. Ideally entire families will attend, learning how to strengthen family connections and build vibrant communities.

This program has been successful at several schools and continues the outreach happening in children’s classes, study circles, and other paths of service.

This year we would like to especially emphasize the importance of inviting others in your community to Summer School, especially those engaged in community-building activities. It could be your next door neighbor, a friend, an interfaith member, work colleagues, friends from your cluster, or a Bahá’í friend you haven’t seen in a while… We’d love friends you’ve connected with to attend this event as our guests. There will be many learning opportunities for both returning Bahá’ís and first-time visitors.

This Guardian quote reminds us that schools should serve both Baha’is and the wider community:

“… The Institution of the Summer School constitutes a vital and inseparable part of any teaching campaign, and as such ought to be given the full importance it deserves in the teaching plans and activities of the believers. It should be organized in such a way as to attract the attention of the non believers to the cause and thus become an effective medium for teaching. Also it should afford the believers themselves an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the Teachings, through lectures and discussions and by means of close and intense community life.” 

– From a letter written on behalf of the Guardian to the National Spiritual assembly of the British Isles, October 17th 1936

Please join us in this hopeful exploration of family and community life. Let us serve together to achieve the goals of the Five Year Plan!

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IN Baha’i Summer School Flyer 2017


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