Indiana Baha'i Summer School


Registration is now closed!

Thank you to everyone for registering and filling up the available spaces so quickly. See you this weekend!

You must be 18 years old or older to register.
Parents, guardians, or sponsors are required to complete the registration process for children or youth under age 18.
Registration prices are per individual, not per room.
At registration you may specify your preferred roommates or we can assign roommates. It is assumed family members will be sharing rooms.

NOTE: As of 6/16/19 the Main House is full. There are still spaces available in the Conference Center and Cabins/Tents. If this causes hardship, please contact Registrar Ban Twaddell to discuss options (, 440-781-4514).

FORMS: Links to the forms will be emailed to you after registration, but are also provided below. To save time at check-in please download, complete, and sign the forms needed by your group.

WAIVER of LIABILITY: REQUIRED FOR ALL ATTENDEES 18 YEARS AND OVER. A separate waiver must be completed for each adult (over age 18). Minors may be listed on one form, signed by a parent/guardian.

MEDICAL RELEASE FORM: REQUIRED FOR ALL PARENTS AND LEGAL GUARDIANS WITH MINOR CHILDREN. Parents or Legal Guardians must complete for any minors (attendees under 18 years) in your group.

SPONSORS: If you are bringing a child or youth under age 18 and you are not his/her parent or legal guardian, please download and have the parent complete the Sponsorship Agreement FormWaiver of Liability Form, and the Medical Release Form and present it to the registrar when you arrive. These forms must be signed by the child or youth’s parents or legal guardian.  Sponsors must be 21 years or older and must be the same gender as the child/youth being sponsored, so as to be housed together (some exceptions apply).


For more information please contact:
Ban Twaddell