Indiana Baha'i Summer School

Program 2016

Bring your own copy:

If you would like printed copies, please print and bring copies of the linked Ridvan message and the March 29 letter from the Universal House of Justice. Those and others will be discussed in adult classes at the school.

The Universal House of Justice – 29 December 2015 letter

The Universal House of Justice – Ridvan 2016


Theme: Connecting Our Hearts More Deeply to Bahá’u’lláh and the Divine Plan

Both the world and the Cause are undergoing profound and rapid change. As the Guardian asserted, “The world is, in truth, moving on towards its destiny”. Our goal at this summer school is to understand more clearly the forces that are in play, to obtain a clearer vision of the underlying logic of the “mission of long duration” upon which we are embarked, and to acquire greater confidence and capacity to share this vision with others. Themes drawn from recent letters of the Universal House of Justice will be explored in terms of how they address the pressing problems of the contemporary world and how the Institute process, an “instrument of limitless potentialities”, constitutes a veritable ark of salvation, the refuge and roadmap guiding humanity along the path toward, unity, true prosperity and peace.

Keynote Speaker: Mark Gilman

Mark GilmanWe are privileged to have Mark Gilman as the plenary speaker. Mark is a member of the Regional Council of the South Central States and the Spiritual Assembly of Dallas, Texas. He manages the Business & Technology division of the Dallas Public Library and also co-manages The Dallas B.R.A.I.N., a partnership with the City’s Office of Economic Development, serving micro-businesses and a network of nonprofits involved with small business development. With a background in Urban Anthropology, Mark’s interests include local economies, processes of social change and exploring paths to a better society. For some nine years, he served in the Secretariat at the Bahá’í World Centre in Haifa, Israel. He has spoken at a number of Bahá’í venues, in an engaging manner, inviting participants to deeply consider the Writings, their context, and the role in each of our lives.

Music/Art Director: Gustaff Besungu

Gustaff Besungu 3The school is also honored to have Gustaff Besungu as the Music/Art Director in 2016. Gustaff has brought his interactive musical and artistic gifts to Bahá’í events over many years of service, involving the friends, moving hearts, and helping us all elevate the environment of our communion with one another and the Cause through a powerful use of the arts.

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