Indiana Baha'i Summer School

Program for 2018

Learning about Transforming Individual & Community Life


Our society is undergoing rapid change which can often feel chaotic. As the Guardian asserted, “The world is, in truth, moving on towards its destiny.” Join us as we use the writings of the beloved Guardian and letters from the Baha’i institutions to learn about strengthening families and communities. We will study spiritual guidance in a loving, supportive atmosphere with our community, family, and friends.

All age groups will study the same material at different levels of depth. Ideally entire families will attend, learning how to strengthen family connections and build vibrant communities. We’d love friends you’ve connected with to attend this event as our guests. There will be many learning opportunities for both returning Bahá’ís and first-time visitors. Everyone is welcome!


Please enjoy this promotional video.


Contact information:
Dean Hill